Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Only two weeks to go

I can not believe there are only two week until Christmas, where has this year gone? My youngest is just over 2 months old, that's gone too quickly! I have the eldest school trip on Friday and we are going to see Santa and his reindeer, I hope she has a fun day. Well saying that she has been ill the last few days so I hope it passes because I haven't been able to get much work done. Anyone want to volunteer for puke cleaning up duty?

Things are going from strength to strength, the clutches are selling well and I am now working on a baby blanket that is crocheted on one side and fabric on the other. I am actually waiting for more wool to be delivered :)
Here's a sneak peak ....

I've also added a pattern for my nappy clutches to my etsy store if you are interested in creating your own, Here it is! Enjoy!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I'm on Bloglovin!

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Just a quick one :)

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Weekend Off?

I am awaiting another huge bundle of fabric through the post, these are a little more girly as I seem to be making mostly blue or alternative stuff at the minute. I've finished all but one of my orders for this week but I have 4 more for next week! Exciting that things are getting up and running.

Here's one that bang on the owl trend.

Next week will be my last week making before Christmas then I won't be back until the new year but hopefully I can blog a bit over Christmas if it doesn't get to busy. I have to crochet my mother in laws scarf, finish a donkey toy, my eldest has a school trip, school play and then a last day party, where do I find the time?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Growing Stock

Slowly slowly I am building up my stock, I actually have a few nappy clutches now and 2 more ready to sew up. The orders have started coming in too, but I am once again impatiently waiting for fabric to arrive. Here's a few nappy clutches I've made.

You can see more on Etsy or Facebook.
I think I may start working on some dummy leads next, I've already made crochet ones so I'll try sewn ones next when I get a chance and find a pattern I like. I also feel like writing the pattern for my nappy clutch so others can make them. Never a dull moment in the Bing house!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Side Tracked

I have been a bit distracted by a bit of crocheting the last few evenings, mostly because I need a bobbin for black thread and I don't want to unwind my bobbins with white, pink and red on so I need to finish one of them before so I can wind the black thread and finish my punky nappy clutch.

So back to my previous "Tis the season" post I made a little Christmas wreath to go on the tree when it goes up on Sunday - Ooooh exciting - and I haven't really felt excited about Christmas this year, it has come around too fast and I am still in denial that it is only a few weeks away. Despite being in denial I have still bought and wrapped most of my presents!

I'm also waiting for the delivery of toy stuffing so I can finish my crochet donkey, I think he's going to be super cute and in my favourite colour wool and all I will be keeping him for myself. I wish that last statement was true but it is highly likely that my daughter will claim it for herself like she does with every toy I make that isn't sent out to a customer! See although I have my Etsy I also have Facebook page where I sell crochet items. So you can go check that out too if you like :)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Tis the season and all.

As Christmas seems to be fast approaching and I am in denial that it is just under a month away - even though I have wrapped most the presents - I have been making bits for me and the kids, hubby doesn't want me to make him a stocking, well I haven't really asked but he hasn't said anything so he can go without! Here are mine and the eldests stocking while I need to get some more red thread to embroider on my youngests.


I've also made my youngest a taggie blanket, due to the fact she has NOTHING for christmas because she has all her sisters hand me downs, the perks of having two girls, not needing to buy new clothes. Well we did get her a new christmas jumper .... Just need to get one for her sister now.

Finally, my Etsy store is slowly getting more and more items added to it, I will try and do at least one item a day but with Christmas coming up that may not happen.

Don't forget to buy handmade this Christmas!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Starting Out

So I'm a mother to two lovely little ladies and I love making things for them. Handmade is the best way to have unique items for you child and they love them more when Mammy has made them. So I thought I would share the love with other mothers and babies who are looking for something unique and different, something whimsical or practical. BabaBing was created. I can sew and crochet so there are a great variety of things I can sell that you and baby will love. I can make taggies, nappy purses, dummy leads, comfort blankets.... the possibilities are endless. So while I am making everything items are slowly getting added to the shop.
Go check out BabaBing on Etsy!